I am a complete country girl at heart. I can happily spend my days in muddy fields, walking the forests and never miss seeing a city skyscraper or a swishy London venue.

So for those very rare occasions when I do feel the need to embrace the cites culture I am fortunately only a short hop, skip and a jump from the hustle and bustle of London.

Just before Christmas we decided to go up and see the lights and drag the boys through the Christmas Markets. Walking away from Trafalgar Square we strolled past the Korean Cultural Centre on Strand Ave WC2N

Imagine my delight at seeing these words : Contemporary Korean Silversmithing & Jewellery Exhibition.

OH! …..Mmmmm…..I think we will be making a short stop here !

William S. H. Lee's series of Moon Jar

There were six artist’s exhibiting.

My favourite was William S. H. Lee's series of “Moon Jar “. His work is absolutely breath taking.

Each vessel is made by hand – hammering from one disk of silver he creates these amazing shapes. There is no addition or removal of metal, just the artists incredible skill at manipulating the silver. And these vessels were large – some where about 50 cm high.


The other artist I thought I should mention was Min Yoo's “Hybrid Creatures”

Not quite sure her work is everyone’s taste, but I thought she was very imaginative in her use of materials. Mixing precious metals, gem stones and quirky plastic toys. A few of them brought a smile although some I was not too sure I would wear!


Min Yoo's “Hybrid Creatures” combine different characteristics from various animals thus revealing the sense of humour and wit in contemporary Korean Jewellery.

This time is was a treat to head to the city and stumble upon an interesting exhibition.

London at Night

Our last stop on the way home, and we just caught that magic light when the city changes

Perhaps I should venture to the bright city lights more often ……..