I do like a good before and after picture.

Whether carrying out a complete house remodelling, renovating an old chest of draws to new, or a having a fantastic hair and makeup change. Nothing quite beats the wow factor of a transformation.

So I have a little before and after here to share with you. Perhaps it is not on such a grand scale as a complete house remodelling, but it was a fun little project.

I found the above pair of sterling silver earrings at my last Antique Fair hunt. They were quite delicate but just not right in design. They were perhaps not the kind of earrings I would wear.

It was at the beginning of the year on a cold, January morning and I was thinking longingly of spring. As I looked at the earrings, I thought they looked like a pair of wings – open and ready for flight.

Mmm………. I wondered if they could be transformed into a little winged creature, ready to welcome a warm spring. And so the Love Bug was born.

I decided to use a soft pink baroque pearl for the body. The ridges on the pearl helped to create the texture of the body. The head is made from a facet cut amethyst bead. The antenna are sterling pins with the ends melted to create a “blob”. I then hung it from a sterling chain.

I have to say, this Love Bug is one of my favourites !