All jewellery is designed and handmade by me.

My latest pieces are for sale here on my website and I also display my work at various shows and in select shops and galleries.

I accept commissions and together we can design something unique and special.

Pagette working in her studio.


About me

My studio is nestled in the West Sussex country side. In spring and summer I enjoy watching the country side come to life.

I take a lot of inspiration from nature and the organic forms of vegetative growth.

The burst of spring growth followed by the lush green of summer, is my favourite time of year to find new shapes that can be explored in silver or gold.

The studio is divided into two sections:

I have a traditional jewellery workbench area. This is where all the silver metal work is done.

Here, I carry out forming, shaping, casting, milling, texturing, soldering and any other traditional metal work. It can get a bit dirty and messy with the various processes.

Some studio tools.

The second area of the studio is set up for finishing the jewellery.

This area needs to be kept clean and clear of any metal fillings or other wastes from the Silver Jewellery bench.

Stringing, beading or assembly of finished components is all done here.

I also keep all the pearls, beads, gem stones, threads and other treasures in this area.

There is also another support area where I deal with polishing and smelting as needed.

A beautifully crafted silver and gem beetle.

I usually have 4 or 5 projects on the go at the same time. I like to move from one project to another as my mood suits or the processes require.

For example if I need to wait for something to cool or dry I can always move onto another waiting piece.

I am always learning, and discovering new materials and new techniques.

I am forever being inspired, always changing how I approach an idea, always looking to create jewellery that is unique and beautiful to wear.

With a few planned interruptions along the way, I have been happily making jewellery for most of my life and I'll continue to do so.

A beautifully crafted silver and gem beetle.